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Rage - Olympia Gold



What will Rage do to improve my body?

  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis
  • Increased Nitrogen Retention
  • Promotes Insulin-Like Growth Factor
  • Increased recovery and rejuvenation
  • Mass and Strength Gains
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count
  • Inhibits Glucocorticoid Hormones (reduces cortisol)
  • Increased fat loss
  • Lean muscle retention
  • Increased hardness, definition and vascularity
  • Increased intensity
HexaTech HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)Out Of Stock

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)


HCG, also known as the pregnancy hormone, is an incredibly effective way to help your natural testosterone levels recover if you are using it post-cycle.




We are super excited to release this new signature product. We have also come up with an absolutely insane stack for our customers.

Andarine S4 Sarms Steroids CanadaAndarine S4 Sarms Steroids Canada

Andarine S4


One of its most prominent effects, other than its ability to build rock hard muscle, is its ability to drop body fat very effectively, specifically around the abdomen.

MT-2 10mg Bottle

MT-2 Melanotan


MT-2 (Melanotan-II) is a peptide hormone that provides users with a safer and more effective way to increase their melanin production to prevent the risk of sunburn and achieve a darker complexion without damaging the skin with harmful UV rays.

tb-500 10mgOut Of Stock



TB-500 has taken the fitness industry and sports community by storm in recent decades. Its healing properties make it a staple therapy for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, biohackers, and athletes in general. Its ability to reduce inflammation at the source is a unique quality that is virtually impossible to find in any other product.

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BPC-157 Steroid Bottle 5mgOut Of Stock



BPC-157, also known as the Wolverine peptide, has taken the fitness and anti-aging industries by storm. It can dramatically increase the speed of healing nagging injuries and shorten the length of recovery time between intense workouts.

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Out Of Stock



Accutane is a form of vitamin A. It reduces the amount of oil released by oil glands in your skin and helps your skin renew itself more quickly.

40mg Tabs – 30 Tabs

Minocycline Bottle CapsulesOut Of Stock



Minocycline is an effective medication that helps treat acne by fighting bacteria that live in the body.

Liver Detox Enhanced Herbal Pills CanadaOut Of Stock

Liv Detox Enhanced


Who Needs Liver Support?

Everyone should take care of their liver. But especially when drinking alcohol or taking any steroid products it is a good idea to take a liver support product. It helps promote healthy liver functioning which will allow your liver to better filter out any toxins.





Pramipexole is an extremely powerful dopamine agonist officially belonging to a class of medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease and restless leg syndrome.

When using powerful anabolic steroids like Nandrolone and Trenbolones your prolactin levels can go up at a very fast rate in conjunction with elevated estrogen levels. This can cause prolactin-induced gynecomastia even if your estrogen is not too high. It can also have very negative effects on libido and sexual performance and leave men with very poor sexual performance commonly known as ” deca dick”