Power PCT

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Power PCT


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This PCT protocol is tried tested and true to get the body recovered from anabolic cycles in the fastest way possible.
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Timing is important. Below are the timelines that you would start the power PCT protocol.
Long-acting injectables begin 2-3 weeks after the last injection
Short-acting injectables begin 3-5 days after the last injection
orals begin the next day
Protocol layout

Day 1-20 HCG 500 units Every other day
Day 10-30 Clomid 100 mg for 10 days followed by 50 mg for 10 days
Day 20-40 Nolvadex 10 days at 40 mg followed by 10 days at 20 mg

Items included in stack:

1 bottle HCG
1 bottle Clomid
1 bottle Nolvadex
1 bottle bacteriostatic water
1 package insulin needles