Power PCT


This PCT protocol is tried tested and true to get the body recovered from anabolic cycles in the fastest way possible.
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Power PCT

Timing is important. Below are the timelines that you would start the power PCT protocol.
Long-acting injectables begin 2-3 weeks after the last injection
Short-acting injectables begin 3-5 days after the last injection
orals begin the next day

Items included in stack:

1 bottle HCG
1 bottle Clomid
1 bottle Nolvadex
1 bottle bacteriostatic water
1 package insulin needles

Dosage Preparation

Wait two weeks from last injection
3 products in use
All 3 products start at same time

HCG for 20 days
1ML Bacterial Water into HCG vial, that is one full insulin needle of Bacterial Water.
Do not shake bottle. let it dissolve on its own or roll on the palm of your hand.
When is completed your dosage is 20iu on the insulin needle, that is the number 20. Doasage is take every other day.

Clomid for 30 days
50MG twice a day

Nolvadex for 45 days
20MG twice a day