TITAN-400 is Olympia Gold’s newest addition in our arsenal in game of performance enhancement.

This is by far our best creation yet. TITAN-400 was developed for the advanced user that loves the notorious combination of Testosterone and Trenbolone, but as an added bonus we have added a much loved steroid Masteron. This combo is essentially an all in one monster when it comes to lean, Hard and shredded muscle with minimal water retention from the added effects of masteron as an anti-estrogen. Precision makes perfection, which is how we made such a high MG/ML without the use of harmful solvents that most other companies use. Quality is the difference. The high MG content and ratio makes stacking a breeze, and to make it even better only needs once per week injections.


The mix of Testosterone, Trenbolone and Masteron is commonly known as the “superman” stack. The name speaks for itself. Their is no better combo for physique athletes or people that just want that incredibly hard lean look. When it comes to bang for your buck this is a hard product to beat. The results of the dry hard. Lower body fat will bring out the true benefits of Masteron where at around 10 % the hardness will really start to show, but don’t worry even if you are a little higher this mix will cut you up fast.


The TITAN-400 Blend

  • 200 MG Testosterone Enanthate
  • 100 MG Trenbolone Enanthate
  • 100 MG Masteron Enanthate

What will TITAN-400 do to improve the body?

  • Shredded Mass and amazing strength gains
  • Cut body fat and dramatically speed up recovery
  • Hard lean gains with minimal water retention
  • Ideal for competitors for contest prep
  • Helps create that grainy dry look
  • Enhanced protein synthesis
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Promotes insulin-like growth factor
  • Reduces cortisol product by inhibiting glucocorticoid hormones
  • Increased fat loss
  • Lean muscle retention
  • Increased hardness, definition, and vascularity
  • Increased intensity

Recommend Rage Dosage:

  • Recommended Weekly Male Dosage: 3-6mg/lb weekly
  • 200 lb male would take 1.5-4 ml per week 4 ml being the upper limit
  • Ideal injection frequency: once weekly
  • Minimum cycle length: 8 weeks
  • Ideal cycle length: 12 weeks
  • Maximum cycle length: 20 weeks
  • Female Dosage: Not recommended for females.

Common Stacks:

TITAN-400 is a an all in one stack for most looking to build lean mass, harden your physique and give you that grainy dry look. That being said stacking it can also enhance its effects depending on the goal of the end user. For extreme size gains, you can also add in an additional oral anabolic such as Dianabol. Turinabol, or Anavar,Please note TITAN-400 doesn’t stack well with Anadrol. In addition, it is not ideal to mix TITAN-400 with Deca or NPP as they are both progesterone-based drugs and will cause an extremely high buildup of prolactin in the body. For cutting purposes TITAN-400 mixes Amazingly well with Winstrol, Turinabol,Primobolan and Anavar. To further enhance Stacking for super shredding Inferno would be unrivalled. If you have any questions regarding our cycles and stacks please do not hesitate to email [email protected].

Benefits of Buying from Steroids Online Canada

You can purchase Rage online right here at Steroids Online Canada safely and quickly. Your item will be shipped the same day (Mon-Fri) if your order is placed before noon pacific time or the next business day if made after noon.

Our products are made from the highest purity ingredients and are manufactured on-site in laboratory-grade conditions. You will never get a substandard nor relabelled and resold product, we oversee all areas of the supply chain and take great pride in providing an effective and most importantly SAFE product. Unlike other stores and brands in the industry, we never under-dose or mislabel. Put your trust in Steroids Online Canada and you will not be disappointed.


If you have any questions regarding TITAN-400, our cycles and stacks please do not hesitate to email us at: info(at)