Cabergoline works directly to inhibit prolactin secretion in the pituitary gland’s lactotroph cells. In actuality, the function of the drug is incredibly simple, and that’s why it’s so interesting to a lot of people.

This ensures that one can maximize the most out of Cabergoline, even if you’re not planning to be a world champion athlete. In fact, some of the users use it in personal life are for sexual performance. For the athlete, however, the primary reason they would need caber is due to their use of Anabolics.

Athletes like Cabergoline because they enjoy the rush that often comes from increased dopamine.

Positives of using Cabergoline is the positive sleep effects that people report on it. For many Caber users, they claim they get deeper, more restful sleep. And lastly, they also report that there is a tremendous increase in sex drive.

Most common side effects of Cabergoline are upset stomach, nausea, and possible stomach cramps.

Use Cabergoline in proper dosages and with a meal. Also, is recommended to use it before going to bed.

Dosages are falling in the range of 0.25 mg up to 1 mg twice per week, from 0.5 mg up to 2 mg per week.

It has a long half life so using it twice weekly is enough, every 3-4 days.

Is recommended to start at a low dosage of 0.25 mg per dose, 0.5 mg weekly as it may be enough for many.

0.5 mg per dose, 1 mg weekly is what most people find to be the perfect dosage.

For most people, 1 mg or even 2 mg weekly is too much. Only a few people may need such a high dosage.


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