Crossfit Extra (Ligandrol & Cardarine)



Crossfit Extra (Ligandrol & Cardarine)

Crossfit Extra (Ligandrol & Cardarine) compounded together will burn fat and keep as much muscle as possible. Having good nutrition can even gain some lean mass while burning fat. It is a great compound if you want to come back to the gym after a long time and for body re-composition.

Ligandrol can cut more fat, and protect your gains in a calorie deficit during a cutting cycle. It can also build muscle and aid recovery. making it a great option to use for maintenance or bulking.

Cardarine is perfect for underpinning any SARMs stack. Whether you are cutting or bulking, Cardarine spikes your glucose to help to power through the tough times, and helps you recover better.

Crossfit Extra (Ligandrol & Cardarine) combined effects:

  • Recommended not to exceed 10-week cycle
  • Superb ability to protect muscle mass gains
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Can harden and grow larger muscles
  • Does not need a PCT supplement
  • Delivers a significant increase in energy output level


20MG everyday

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