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Testolone (RAD-140)

What is it?
Testolone is under investigation as a selective androgen receptor developed as a progressive treatment for muscle wasting and breast cancer, currently under development of Large Pharmaceutical companies.

Initial research has proven to be very successful and promising. Most interesting component of Testolone is the potential ability to be used as a hormone replacement therapy without the increase increasing prostate size.

There is also some strong information leading it to be the future of SARMS and performance enhancement.

Products like Testolone are well suited for users who are cautious of anabolic use, but worried about potential side effects.

How Does Testolone (RAD140) work to improve your body?

  • Increased strength and stamina in the gym
  • Increased speed of fat burning
  • Highly anticatabolic and can prevent tissue wasting from various conditions
  • Improved recovery from exercise

Recommended Testolone (RAD140) Dosage:

  • Recommended daily Dosage: 10-30 mg
  • Minimum cycle length: 4 weeks
  • Ideal cycle length: 12 weeks
  • Maximum cycle length: 16 weeks
  • Female and male user friendly

Common stacks

Testolone can be stacked with any other Anabolic Steroid or SARM.

Essentially the user would just noticed heightened benefits and synergestic activity.

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2 reviews for Testolone (RAD140) 50 Tabs

  1. Richard ilao

    Trying RAD140 for the first time. Feel a lot stronger after 3 weeks. Will continue with 8 week cycle….but so far so good.

  2. Jeremy Mazerolle

    Great product, well packaged, customer service is outstanding, delivery was issue free, product worked well for me I am after losing 180lbs ( obviously not just using RAD) and the sarms helps with staying motivated with all the extra skin flapping soon to be removed thank you guys for your help on my journey.

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